Saturday, April 14, 2007

Diving in!

So here I am diving into the world of blogging. Knew I had to do it at some point but have been putting it off for a long time. I blame on my fear of computers and a lack of knowledge. Recently, however, I have realized that even for those with knowledge does the computer seldom behave!

So who am I anyway????I am shannon: Maltagirl to the MMMC, homeschooling mama of two, gardening fanatic, crafty swapper and founder of the fabulous Sacred Waters Soap Company. I wear a lot of hats around here and it makes me a bit crazy at times, but where would we be if we weren't a little crazy???

I look forward to posting my projects andplans here as well as my rants and raves. Hope you will take this journey with me.



Jana B said...

Welcome to blogging!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenean said...

Glad to see you join the hsks! I know we're going to have a blast :)

Kelly Bradsher said...

Lovely creative Shannon:
Your Dad happily shared that you have a new blog and I was excited to read it! I so enjoyed how you explained about your beautiful homelife and health values. I will "stop by" it again and SEE YOU NEXT WEEKEND!!!
Love, Kelly